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Here are 4 applications that can do exactly that, you can even run them on a currently installed Windows to bring it up to date. Auto Patcher Auto Patcher has been around for several years and used to be distributed as a huge executable file that included all the update patches inside.

After complaints from Microsoft in 2007, it was modified to download and distribute the patches direct from Microsoft’s own servers.

Although a lot of users are sensible and make full backups of their system using either disk imaging software or something like the Windows 7 System image function, there is sometimes no option but to reinstall because it can’t be avoided.

Hardware failures, viruses, or even computers with poor performing or highly abused operating systems are all reasons to have to wipe the old system and start again.

NET Framework patches and subsequent updates after you install software like Internet Explorer 9 or 10 etc.

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Although like Autopatcher in a lot of ways, there’s also some differences.

Be aware that the option temporarily disables UAC and also creates a temporary new user account called WSUSAdmin while updating.

It will be deleted again after updating has completed.

When all the required updates are downloaded, simply take the whole folder on a flash drive or hard drive to the target computer, or find the network drive, and run Auto

After a few EULA screens and a file integrity check, the options screen will be displayed where the available updates and extras can be chosen for install.

If waiting for all the updates to install doesn’t appeal, an alternative is to have a program store and automatically install the updates for you from a USB stick or external hard drive.

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