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24-Nov-2019 07:23

If you are absolutely certain that the changes you make are being stored in and you still aren't being prompted as you expect, it could be that Word is confused about what you want done when it comes to prompting.

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When Microsoft started pushing its products toward web content, it decided the defaults should be web (screen) friendly, not printer friendly.Of course, another possibility is that the document (or documents) you are working on when you close Word doesn't really rely on the template.Instead, the documents could have a different template attached to them, and changes to the document templates wouldn't affect at all.(Normal is both the name of the template and the name of a paragraph style.) The template, by default, uses the Normal style as the base for several other styles.

So changing the Normal style will affect all those descendant styles.

You might be tempted to base a template on a content-filled document by removing the content and saving the empty file as a template file (or .dotm). Everything that's in that document will be in your template and, consequently, every new document you create.