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This can also be caused by having multiple routers on your network.

Any of the above methods should net you a NAT Type Open on your Xbox.

If you do not want to read this entire article, here is the summary that you should walk away with: The goal of this article is to describe the different NAT Types, but it's hard to talk about without a quick background of what NAT is.

Put simply, NAT is the technology that makes your home network.

NAT Type Open means the following: If you have NAT Type Open on your Xbox then you are done. NAT Type Moderate is a confusing term because it doesn't really have a solid definition in the networking world.

The best that we can tell is that Microsoft came up with this term to keep confusion down, but then failed to define exactly what it means causing greater confusion in the end.

NAT Type 2 means the following: If you have NAT Type 2 then you are done. Your Play Station can connect to other players, but other players can not connect to you.In PC gaming if the game reports NAT Type Strict or NAT Type Moderate just read the above Xbox section for the same info.Here's a nice visual representation of NAT Types that we've come up with to help summarize the information in this guide: It's important to note that NAT Type Moderate is listed as Not Good.According to their official documentation the 3 different NAT Types are: In order to have NAT Type 1 on your Play Station you need to ditch your router. Sony has not told anyone what the criteria for a Type 1 connection is, but many people suspect that one of the things the Play Station looks for is if you have an IP address in the "192.168.x.x" range then you are not going to get NAT Type 1.

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This is a pretty good guess, because using every trick in the book from forwarding ports to a full DMZ of the Play Station still tends to only yield NAT Type 2, which is bizarre.

For most users NAT Type Moderate is not good enough and you need to forward ports to get NAT Type Open.