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“There have been days when I’ve worried about going to work and leaving Michelle with the kids because she’s been a loose cannon.” He said: “She’s the best in the world, she’s a great mum, she’s a great wife. ’” Heaton said: “I feel like almost a different person…

The singer, who announced her pregnancy in August last year, took to her social networking account to air her excitement at the arrival of the bundle of joy."Thank you all so much for your well wishes," she wrote."Mine & @hughhanley little boy is snuggled into us and we are the happiest parents ever…

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Michelle Heaton, the popular Liberty X band member, actress, TV personality and personal trainer recently took a week out of her busy schedule to take her family to Club La Santa. When we’re away as a family I like to have some ‘me and my husband’ time too and we were able to do that.

Xx."Her husband Hugh Hanley had announced happy news an hour beforehand on his own social networking account, writing: "Our little man arrived this morning at 8.49am my beautiful wife @wonderwomanshel was amazing. Both are doing great."It is thought that the 34-year-old gave birth via caesarean section.

Michelle - who already has a two-year-old daughter, Faith - recently revealed that it has always been her dream to have two children.

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'You can never switch off from being a parent – even when are in bed. I suppose I haven’t really had time to actually sit down and really grieve what’s happening, but that’s a good thing. I had an overwhelming thought that there was something wrong with him, and I didn’t know what.I haven’t had that many downs, mainly because my kids pick me up.'On mother’s intuition… He didn’t have a temperature at the time, there was no rash, and there was no reason for me to believe that it was meningitis – I just knew there was something not quite right.I took him to the hospital and within two hours his temperature had gone up to 39° and he was later diagnosed with viral meningitis.Speaking to OK magazine, she said: "I've always wanted two, I'm one of two, Hugh is one of two, and now we'll have a boy and a girl."Michelle and Hugh married in the Bahamas in July after dating for two years.

It’s been a tough few years for former Liberty X singer, Michelle Heaton.

But it’s important for mums (and dads) to take time out.