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All they cared about was getting a kid to get a flat and I was running the other way.I was like ‘no, there’s got to be more to life that just signing on’.“I was one of those mad kids I guess that just didn’t want the same as everyone else. I feel like my role of Miss Sherman, telling kids who come to me for advice in real life, what to do,” says Mica who’s treaded the boards of the West End and appeared in countless TV dramas.“This show isn’t the reality version of fame we’re getting at the moment on TV. She’s a passionate teacher and there aren’t many of those left these days.” Mica considers herself something of an ambassador, a guide for those hoping to follow in her footsteps.“I’ve been in the industry 30 years...Prince’s Sign O’ The Times (which painted a grim picture of Ronald Reagan’s America)…all the darkness on the telly, everything’s negative. Nothing’s changed, it’s incredibly sad as a species that we’re still stuck.”She remembers her first and last meeting with her friend Prince, whose records she had to hide from her grandparents.“Before I released My One Temptation I went to see him in a private concert, an after show thing.I say don’t do it if you’re not passionate about it because it’s not always that you’re going to be doing well, there’s going to be times when no-one gives a s*** about you.Do this because you love it.”That tough love extends to her daughters, who are 27 and 12.“At one point the eldest one, bless her, wanted to do it. She was in it (the business) for five minutes and was like ‘no mum, I don’t like it’,” laughs Mica.My song was coming up like a month after that, I was just starting to come out.“Everyone was at Camden Palace and in the middle of the show there I was, this 18-year-old kid looking up at my idol.

“By the time I got to 18 and I’m standing in front of the man I’ve been worshipping for the last three years I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of him.

This 30 anniversary tour of Fame - The Musical, tells it like it really is says Mica.“These shows teach everyone it is easy, do a bit of this, a bit of that and you’re a star.

Fame shows you how it’s a graft, how you have to work to become successful, to become famous.“People come and they cry because it’s such a real depiction of what fame is; the road to it and how back in the day people worked to become successful.

Prince then arranged for her to fly out to Minneapolis, to Paisley Park.“He came at four in the morning, opened the vault and said ‘I want you to listen, I want you to think about this’.

I’m like how can you not like any of it, you’re f****** Prince for God’s sake. when you actually see it, all the emotional ups and downs…For every reality contestant that makes it, many more don’t.“A lot of these artists, they go to number one, then they go on tour and they end up in hospital because their voices are screwed, how many times have you heard that?