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17-May-2020 09:10

"But we always have new guests in and there's enough Joe Wilkinson, luckily, in the world to keep it interesting.

So I'm very aware of everything I do that is the least like work, turning up and playing and watching Joe Wilkinson have a breakdown. I have to remind myself to be funny because I forget I'm working and I just sit.

Jon Richardson has also been open about his struggles with OCD, which he has spoken about openly in interviews and his stand-up.

The comedian also presented a series for Channel 4 in 2012 called A Little Bit OCD, which took a look at people who suffer from the disorder and ways that it can be treated.

Fans will see four celebrities step into the tent hoping to show off their baking skills, without too many mishaps. As part of the programme - in which the 8 Out Of 10 Cats star travelled around the UK in a campervan with fellow comedian Matt Forde to uncover the nation's differing attitudes to love, sex and marriage - Richardson spoke about his relationship in-depth for the first time. You obviously get that instant spark of romance and all that, but then also, with me and Lucy, we were very comfortable together very early." He added: "I am very lucky.If I'd have read that I met someone and - within a couple of dates - we were going out, and then we went on holiday together, and then she moved in a few months later, I would have scoffed at it." Summing up what he had discovered over the course of their trip, Richardson told Forde: "Fundamentally I've come back feeling that me and Lucy will probably get married, which - in terms of the view I've held all my life, never mind over the past week - is fucking enormous.The spin-off/crossover has arguably become a comedy classic since it debuted in 2012, and Richardson chatted to Digital Spy about how it's stayed fresh.

"I didn't think when we did the first one that we would go on to make over 100, I have to say," the comedian said.

Lucy, from Yorkshire, has been a comedy performer since 2011 and she is most known for her observational humour about her home city of Kingston upon Hull which she regular mocks in her routine.

"All the guys always had thought she was really pretty and that's why they asked her to be in it.… continue reading »

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