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Like a number of recent mass shootings, the one in El Paso on Saturday came with a manifesto.While authorities are still working to verify that this document explicitly was indeed written by the attacker, the evidence seems clear: It was posted to 8Chan minutes before the attack, by someone with the same name. And yet our society still lacks a fundamental understanding of the nature of this violence and what it means.Using the Super Ninja Master Star, the White Ranger can access the Ninja Master Blade or the Ninja Super Steel Blaster to perform attacks with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Explosive.”—The New York Times “Belew’s book helps explain how we got to today’s alt right.”—Terry Gross, Fresh Air The white power movement in America wants a revolution.That movement, comparable in size to the much better known John Birch Society, never faced a major prosecution or crackdown that hobbled its activity.As a result, it was able to sink deep roots into society, largely under the radar of most Americans.“We are currently investigating an incident that occurred during the Cubs’ May 7 broadcast on NBC Sports Chicago while reporter Doug Glanville was on the air,” Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenny said in a statement to The Post. Glanville used what appears to be an offensive hand gesture that is associated with racism.” The fan, clad in a Cubs pullover, initially flashed a peace sign while seemingly trying to disrupt Glanville’s report.

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Based on years of deep immersion in previously classified FBI files and on extensive interviews, Bring the War Home tells the story of American paramilitarism and the birth of the alt-right.

She is the girlfriend of Calvin Maxwell, the Yellow Ranger.

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