What is our responsibility in dating

16-Jan-2020 22:42

It is not Netflix's job to renew The OA, the show. Edit 1More curious things / clues going on that we've noticed.

Edit 2:/u/rhondafromdeli pointed out that our discussion here was shared in an Insider article: 3: Okay - for an entire compilation of clues, /u/happyknight11 has created this for us all:https:// OA/comments/cn78eu/a_compilation_of_reasons_why_the_oa_may_not/Edit 4: I really appreciate something that /u/Mr Bread Water pointed out in their theory involving the numbers 5373.

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Okay, so /u/smithif, myself, and others as well, have conceived the theory that the cancellation of the show is actually part of the storyline of the show.

So, either Netflix planted someone to choose this date, or, it is coincidence that both parties chose this date. A third option is that Netflix chose this date knowing that it was the day we were campaigning. This brings us to a far more important point, though. What is more likely - that this is all coincidence? You will not survive on your own."Maybe some people would feel manipulated if it’s true, and maybe im too cheesy or idk to fall for this, but i would LOVE THIS! The timing of everything is to coincidental and the silence from all the other actors about this is also suspect. God, it feels so good to think of joining together in such a spiritual way for this.

Look at /u/happyknight11's compilation of clues. That not only the clues themselves are coincidence, but the clues true. I can’t express what I am thinking and feeling now that I get it.

Perhaps, as /u/pickleboomer explained here, we must unite. What if we not only must convince her that this is all real, but we must save her from Hap, and send her to the next dimension.

This included all the animals that God had created, as well as the entire Earth.

We do good by accepting the responsibility that was given in the beginning. We must learn that our responsibility to the Earth is less important than our caring for each other. God reminded Jonah that he had no right to care more for plants and trees and cattle than for the 120,000 people that lived in Nineveh.

Now, more than ever, we need to gain God’s perspective on what things really matter most.

Firstly, read the theory -- it is very, very convincing.

Personally, this basically puts the nail in the coffin for me.

Would it hurt to campaign with more passion than ever?

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