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As everybody with a dash of social sense told me, that could be perceived as being a bit scary, and he immediately signed off.Bounce all that into your favourite social networking app and pull out a picture, and other privacy-leaked data of who you’ve got on your network. Wardating involves sniffing for IM packets on shared wireless cybercafe networks, and then IMing the cutest people and ask for dates. My version is for people who don’t go out much, and lack the social skills to strike up conversations event with people who owe you a favour, and are already practically in your living room anyway. Maybe you could write it as a plugin for Dashboard. (Moral and legal conundrums of sniffing people who are using your network are left as an exercise for the reader.) So I’ve been considering getting a Vonage Vo IP phone for home.We leave out AP open all hippy-style for exactly this reason. (Well, “know” is perhaps too strong a word, given that’s *all* I know about him.) I’m trying to work out the politest way of saying “Hello neighbour”. We could probably fix that with some judicious aerial re-alignment. Practical upshots Idea for Freshmeatable app: a program which scans DHCP allocations and tells you when somebody joins your network.I know he’s out there, because he shares his i Tunes via Rendezvous and I have once seen him on my Rendezvous i Chat Window. So far, I’m sharing a bunch of fake music libraries called “Come say hi on ichat! For extra points, packet sniff their traffic until you’ve built up a reasonable profile of their email address, IM screenname, homepage, etc.So there’s a guy who is sharing our home Wi-Fi connection. I’ve never seen him again, until today when I spotted his i Tunes collection.

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It's easy to imagine having a blast with him watching , a cost-benefit analysis of romance that proposes "a mathematical model that could predict and explain all human behavior pertaining to love." Lately, he's been all over the Net with his theories about using statistical analysis to find a date.

” into it in a restaurant.) The issue most mitigating against going Vonage, though, is that I get my connectivty via DSL – which means I’d have to keep my old phone anyway.

It feels a bit like I’m being held in some awful Catch 22 by the phone company here.

It is thus with great pleasure that we present their years of hard work and research excellence: finds that a significant majority of corporate executives and their employees from the nation's largest companies recognize the harmful and extensive impact of domestic violence in the workplace, yet only 13% of corporate executives think their companies should address the problem.

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The Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence describes abusers as being obsessively jealous and possessive, overly confident, having mood swings or a history of violence or temper, seeking to isolate their partner from family, friends and colleagues, and having a tendency to blame external stressors.Although many people assume that they will never have to face being in an abusive relationship, one in three teen relationships involves violence.

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