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So we're gonna criticize the guy who went on the road and beat every legit Cruiserweight in the world on the way to winning FOTY who is coming off a torn bicep and moving up to HW because he's a fighting a former kickboxer? I’ll just say it: Yarde and @tundeajayi999 need to go with @Matchroom Boxing Anthony proved himself to be far, far better than casual fans were assuming. Anthony Yarde was 2-3 punches away from stopping Kov.

He’s received praise after the Kovalev fight from Andre Ward, Timothy Bradley, and others. Yarde can fight, just needs to make adjustments with his camp. Kov proved he’s still got something left, but he needs to grab that Canelo $$$, then✌🏽. If you believe you're the man, it doesn't matter what country you're in. Makes other fighters millionaires: He’s underpaying. Is it any wonder he doesn’t give a toss, like @Spencer_Fearon said?

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