Updating selfpopulatingcache example

14-Oct-2019 16:18

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The other thing to keep an eye on is how much the cache has no size limit – in theory, it could fill up your entire file system, particularly if you have your objects marked as eternal (which means they will never expire). Let’s go for a simple example: I have an Order object, which contains 3 Order Items.

Order Item, in turn, has a reference back to Order.

Simply put: you should have the Memory Store large enough that it covers the bulk of the items you want cached.

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The bottom line is Eh Cahe is using the same amount of memory as a Hash Map!Ehcache provides a number of ways to size the different data tiers using simple cache-configuration sizing attributes.These sizing attributes affect local memory and disk resources, allowing them to be set differently on each node.(翻译:调谐Ehcache常常涉及sizing cached 数据的合适性。Ehcache提供了大量的方式配置不同的数据层的大小,使用简单的cache-configuration sizing 属性。这些 sizing 属性会影响本地内存和磁盘资源,对于每个节点允许它们设置不同。) 使用ehcache向cache取值与设值示例1:public class My Data Access Class 示例3:EHCache Utils.javapackage com.ttpod.cache; /*** @class Description:ehcache工具类*/ public class EHCache Util EHCache Config.javapackage com.ttpod.cache;/*** @class Name: EHCache Config.java* @class Description:*/public class EHCache Config hibernate中的二级缓存命名缓存查询In addition, a Query Cache can be given a specific name in Hibernate using Cache Region(String name).A low hit-to-miss ratio, for example, means that the cache is not that good.

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Either it is too small, or there are no truly popular entries (caches work best if popularity is clustered), or the entries are expiring too fast.

We tested by using a simple hash Map and since the size could overshoot the heap size we wanted to ensure that we could control that.. If I use EHCache and limit the number of entries in the heap to 10 and local disk to 500000 it consumes 98MB. I was thinking that I should be able to see only a small amount of heap used since only 10 entries are in the heap.

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