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27-Dec-2019 02:25

The 40LM still works the same as when I first got it.It rarely complains and I can confirm that it is reliable.The problem is the unit will not support any memory card over 2GB.And since the free OSM maps for the US are now over 3GB uncompressed, I literally cannot upgrade the maps in the i5 anymore. I don't have it yet, but it should arrive in the mail a day or so after I publish this. Any 2x0 series would have been fine, be it a 200, 250, 260 or 270. The point is that it's nice the map data is updated so often. Enter Favorites by coordinates whenever possible To the best of my knowledge, every nuvi has the option to manually enter coordinates when you want to.Garmin offer free map updates as part of their nu Maps Guarantee.

The only thing that's gone wrong with the 40LM is that the power button popped off.Third, the 2x0 has no dopey menu animations, which I sincerely appreciate. Fourth, there's nothing in the newer models that I would find useful. Since you have an older unit, you only have to do it once.It's totally true that the older nuvi 200 is a dirt simple satnav, but assuming it works like it should (which I hope it does, given it's used,) it will get the job done in fine style. If the battery doesn't hold a charge, see next tip. If the battery is stone dead and won't hold a charge, replace it The internal battery on the nuvi is easy to replace and they are readily available and cheap (usually under 9 bucks, depending on model.) There are also plenty of You Tube videos that show you step-by-step how to replace the battery on a nuvi.When you do, instruct the nuvi to stop routing, power it off, unplug it, plug back in, power back on and reroute.

This will almost always cure any GPS satellite weirdness and prevent lock-ups. If sun glare is too much to deal with, get a shade GPS shades have been around for a long time now.Should my 40LM fail, the 200 will be there as the backup. Just search it on You Tube and you'll find the one for your model. You a battery that can hold a change to perform a firmware update, else you'll brick the nuvi. Routing trips over 200 miles/322 kilometers all at once is a bad idea It's not that the nuvi can't route a trip over 200 miles.