Updating maps on garmin c340

03-Apr-2020 17:03

You can get used old-style GTM-20's on e Bay that will work but as noted above, by the time you pay for maps and a traffic receiver, you are pretty close to a new device.

First, is the MSRP for numaps lifetime map updates.

Garmin's policy is bad, but their failure to disclose it is even worse. (In fact, all the i Phone needs is the right antenna and a SIRF-3chipset to make dedicated GPS devices instantly obsolete.

Moreover, the 2008 map update isn't a one-time purchase. This is soobvious it can't be more than a year out. You have pissed off a formerly delighted customer, and that is generally a one-way ticket.

For over a year I have been the proud and happy owner of a Garmin GPS unit -- the Nuvi 360. When I powered on the Nuvi this morning, it alerted me that its map database was over a year old and should be updated. This isn't new functionality I'm getting, it's a bug fix. Its maps are now "out of date", as Garmin puts it -- well, yes, in the same way that the phlogiston theory is "out of date".

I didn't buy a GPS unit so I could forever navigate 2005 America. You might imagine that getting the update would require supplying a credit card number to get a license key, downloading the map update, and then using the key to activate it. You have to order a physical DVD from Garmin, which takes 3-5 weeks to ship. Any reason they can't include a first-class postage stamp as part of the shakedown? Yes, that's right -- after going to all the trouble to get a physical copy of the map update, you have to get on their website to activate it, and it's only good for one unit.You can try to write over the driver with the Garmin Communicator Driver.

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