Updating excel from access

09-Apr-2020 13:39

After establishing the proper data structure for importing data from Excel, the next step is to import the actual data.

A process using append and update queries can help you combine multiple Excel worksheets into one table in Access and update the data appropriately.

In any event, I see 2 generic approaches to your problem.

Unless I'm misreading the history here, the only reason this Excel question is in this forum is that we are the closest match to the question.

Last month, we imported the first month of data from an Excel workbook into a table called “import Jan.” Before importing additional months from the Excel workbook, we need to update the January records so they have an actual order date.

The original worksheet only included a column (Dy) indicating on which day of the month an order was placed. Add a field called “Date Order” with a data type of Date/Time. Since we will eventually append more months to this table, rename the table to “import Orders.” To do this, right-click on the name in the navigation pane and choose Rename from the shortcut menu. Create a new query based on the import Orders table. In the second column of the grid, enter to create a calculated field.

I know this is possible in Excel by setting application.screenupdating =false, is there a similar way in Access?

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The macro runs when the user clicks a button on a form.Now we’ll import the next sheet in the Excel workbook.In the Import & Link group on the External Data tab, choose Excel.We don’t want to, so leave it unchecked and then click Close.

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Open import Orders to verify that the February data has been added.

First, import and append the worksheet data to the import Orders table.

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