Unform dating

23-Jan-2020 09:59

But in my mind, that's more of a fantasy thing than a reality thing.

In reality, I don't know that it would actually make me want to date a guy.

For ladies who are interested in dating a man in uniform, they can sign up to a uniform dating site and start their search there.

These dating sites bring single men and women from all over the world together and makes it easy for you to meet a uniformed professional.

they aren't supposed to post pictures of themselves in uniform, evidently some of New York's Finest are using snapshots of themselves all suited up in their police gear to attract the ladies.

A firefighter covered in a little soot and sweat isn't anything to sneeze at!

In reality, I don't know that it would actually make me want to date a guy.

Unless he really is super into doughnuts, or he is actually the adorable Officer Bennett from , then yes, I'm in. Would you be more or less intrigued by a guy who had a profile pic in uniform?

However, when you’re dating someone in a uniform, chances are they will be tight lipped.

People with jobs that deal with the public like medical staff and police officers (mainly detectives and the like) may not be able to go into great deal of detail about their day because the information is usually confidential due to HIPPA laws (for medical personnel) or it is important to their case (for detectives).

Keep in mind, when we say a uniformed professional, it doesn’t necessarily mean a military person. As exciting as it may sound to date a uniformed professional, there are some things that you should know before going into a relationship with a uniformed professional.

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