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Daniel Nettle has reported a significant correlation between agreeableness and number of sexual partners in a sample of 545 people.

And other researchers such as David Schmitt and David Buss have found across cultures a relation between low agreeableness and more infidelity, more sexual partners, and less loyalty to mates. When you branch out and look at all the other traits comprised in the construct "asshole" (I am here and now operationalizing this word!

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There is no lack of speculation on the internet as to the allure of the bad boy. Going out with an overly-nice guy is like being beaten to death with a Hallmark card." So perhaps bad boys aren't so bad after all, they're just not needy.

In mating, they are more promiscuous, more likely to be unfaithful, and more likely to have impulsive, unsafe sex under the influence of alcohohol or drugs." Tucker Max. Peter Jonason found in a sample of over 200 college students that those who who reported higher dark triad traits also reported having more sexual partners and more desire for short-term flings.

In the terms of Psychology, the "asshole" consists of the following traits: High Extraversion, Low Neuroticism (perhaps), Low Conscientiousness, Low Agreeableness, High Openness to Experience, and a bit of a dip into the dark triad traits (those with an extreme dark triad profile aren't considered sexually attractive).

Bouchard was expressing his utter confusion as to why women's preference for the bad boy still exists in our gene pool. Why in the world would women want a man whose genes scream "bad", he wondered.

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Why would a women's genes want to pass on such bad genes to her offspring?His book was a best-seller, so something was clearly lost in translation. I first noticed it in 2006 while I was analyzing a dataset for a presentation I gave at the that year.