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when you are attacked by zombies(If you dislike zombies, try no zombie new game button.)* How to game Drag left side of screen : move to main character Drag right side of screen : move the point of view of the main character Easy as operation buttons are displayed on the screen even if you do not remember them. Button X: kick / weapon attack Button R: fly (flight movement) Button L: see Information Button A changes depending on the situation.* VR mode you can test the VR mode. In the poorly ventilated working space, jewelers continuously inhale the invisible, odorless toxic vapour and suffer from diseases like anxiety, memory loss, skin problems, and poor cognitive function.

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Jewelers and regular users of jewellery are particular targets of the excessive presence of toxic metals in these.

There are several other Easter Eggs that alter her appearance, those being 47 Mode, Bad Time Mode, Bancho Mode, Blade Hair Mode, Cirno Mode, Cyborg Mode, DK Mode, Ebola Mode, Falcon Mode, Galo Mode, Hateful Mode, Punch Mode, Huntress Mode, Punished Mode, Slender Mode, Titan Mode, Tornado Mode, Witch Mode, X Mode, Hunger Mode, Medusa Mode, Gazer Mode, Yandere-kun, and Ship Girl Mode.