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Some Shroud doubters go further; they attempt to speculate on the identity of the man so cruelly crucified to achieve the “fraudulent” image.While historians sift through lurid alternative theories about crucified Templars and a Masonic Grail, ongoing artistic studies and forensic pathology research on the Shroud of Turin still suggest it may truly be an artifact of first-century Palestine.

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s recent article on the Shroud of Turin by Jim Graves, which now has well over a 150 comments.

Still, science can only serve truth to a point, for science cannot interpret itself; it is simply data. Almost nothing has challenged the provenance or the scientific findings in the fourteen years since I penned the article below, in April 2001 for magazine, on the Sudarium.

The history and the scientific studies on the Sudarium pose a fascinating question that leaps over the confusion of carbon dating: How can the Shroud date from the Medieval period if the face in the image is identical to the face that was covered by the first century Sudarium?

Citing slightly different dates from those in Pelayo’s chronicle, Lucas, the bishop of Tuy, wrote in his 13th-century , a text completed in 977, corroborates this move, at least obliquely, with a description of Christians fleeing the Muslims to the mountains of Asturias and burying their relics underground. A record from the year 1030 reports that some hapless clerics opened the reliquary in the without prayer or fasting and were struck blind. The chest was opened with great fear because of the story from the time of Alfonso III, which told of unprepared priests blinded by the holy light emanating from the ark.

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From atop Monte Sacro, Alfonso II, king of Asturias, turned back Spain’s Moorish invaders and established his court at Oviedo. The date was March 1075, and here in the CÁmara Santa, in the company of bishops, the king and El Cid examined the contents of the chest.The “Other” Shroud of Christ (April 1, 2001) A little-known relic in Oviedo, Spain, called the Sudarium, the cloth said to have covered Jesus’ face after He was crucified, may be the key to unveiling the mystery of the Shroud of Turin.