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Touring: 2019 will mark 20 consecutive summers for 311 to headline the US.311’s celebratory live shows & incessant touring schedule have earned them a massive grassroots following nationwide.It’s a classic pop ballad Dirty Heads-style with the power to resonate amongst listeners everywhere. “The melody was super catchy, and there’s an old school guitar part.“It strikes a chord for those of us who travel a lot and leave friends and families at home,” explains Duddy. We juxtapose those mellow, airy, and ethereal elements with hard-hitting hip-hop.We spent every day not only working on songs but laughing our asses off. The rules of being a proper songwriter and all of that bullshit didn’t matter. “In doing that, we were able to come up with some really good ideas. “On the last album, it was like a mad speed dating rush with a bunch of producers to see who worked best,” says Jared. It was a different vibe, studio, and guy every day. The only new guys were HEAVY, and we hit it off immediately.We were molding and mutating what Dirty Heads are but with something new.The group banded together in the 2010s and teamed with producer Tim Armstrong of Rancid to crank out a series of albums, like 2016’s Say It Out Loud, that harked back to the classic sound of 2-Tone Records, but added a modern punk power.

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Join this weird, odd, and wonderful secret society we’ve created over the past fifteen years. Welcome to the “Rollicking California ska-punk band the Interrupters are another example of how the uptempo variation on the classic Jamaican sound remains a perennial favorite on the West Coast.

311’s annual summer headlining run, Unity Tour, has become one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer.