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They are grown not only in the gardens, but also in pots, decorating balconies and terraces. Here are the varieties that can be easily grown in the garden: They are frost-resistant perennial chrysanthemums.The bush is 10-47 inches high, numerous inflorescences of various colors can be both simple and double.

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Chrysanthemum is so popular among the breeders that experiments on breeding of new varieties do not stop, especially since for people chrysanthemum is not just a beautiful flower, but the last rich chord in the autumn symphony of flowers and colors …The varieties are: Its height is 12-24 inches, heavily branching, the leaves below the stem are pinnate, the leaves of the upper part are toothed.Flowers resemble field chamomiles of white color with a yellow center. Popular varieties are: It is tall (1.3-3.3 ft), shoots are densely covered with pinnately divided leaves, there are areas with toothed, lanceolate leaves.It is better to buy the disinfected soil substrate in a store.

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If you decide to do it yourself, then do not forget to sift and warm it at a temperature of 230-266° F.

Then, the Japanese cultivated the flower and idolized this flower so much that only members of the imperial family had the right to wear clothes depicting chrysanthemums.