Sikh men dating

30-Jul-2020 16:42

But probably the worst thing about it all was that the son just went along with his father’s comments. It is fine to respect your parents, but he lied to me about his commitment to women’s empowerment, and he lied to me about partnership.As much as he told me that he “…will always stand up to Punjabi culture nonsense,” and that he respects “…women and they are an important part of Sikh society,” and that he supports and practices “the equality in everyone including women as a Sikh and human rights issue,” he did not live up to it. You can also respect your parents while disagreeing with them (i.e. You can respect them while politely challenging their antiquated thinking.I challenge Sikh camps and Sikh conferences to have strong dialogues of how respecting women and their identity must go beyond lip service.We have already addressed how Sikh women are faced with extra scrutiny in our Punjabi culture, but how does that move to the next step?But, the father and son in my story failed to internalize this message.(I’m not saying I wear such a metaphorical jewel, but I’m working becoming a better human, and I do not define my self worth on my looks).

So many sisters ended relationships because of what their partner’s parents’ backwards thinking about what an “ideal wife” should look like.

In this specific situation I’m referring to, I was attacked by the father of a person I was seriously involved with.