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Cataracts are seen ultrasonographically as hyperechoic uniform or irregular opacification within the lens.

High-resolution ocular ultrasound may also be used to identify lens capsular ruptures or tears prior to cataract surgery or as a cause of fulminate uveitis.

Direct focal illumination with the light source close to the eye and the observer in front of the eye may also be performed and incipient or immature cataracts will appear as “white” areas within the lens or, if the entire lens is involved, the whole lens to appear as white.

(figures) Ophthalmic evaluation with retroillumination and direct focal illumination will help differentiate cataracts from nuclear sclerosis, a normal aging change of the lens caused by increased density of nuclear lens fibers.

This may be observed easily with retroillumination of the eye after pharmacologic pupil dilation (i.e. Retroillumination is performed by aiming a focal light source into the eye at arm’s distance away and at the observer’s eye level.

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Diagnosis Ophthalmic Examination Findings: Cataracts are seen as an opacification of the lens.

Published by Rachel (Mathes) Davis, DVM, MS, DACVO November 2016 Publication: Veterinary Information Network (VIN) Disease Description Cataract (or cataracts) refers to any opacification of the intraocular crystalline lens.

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