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15-Oct-2019 00:07

But understanding what the problem entails is a critical first step.

At the very least, for journalists, government agencies, and community organizations, We Chat can serve as a venue for accessing and engaging with the individuals and communities often overlooked in mainstream discourse and outreach. On Wednesday, Boris Johnson, the new prime minister, moved to suspend the country’s Parliament between mid-September and mid-October, a process known as “prorogation.” It is not, in itself, abnormal for Parliament to take a break,...

Instead, chat groups, a mode of communication especially central to We Chat, play a pivotal role in the distribution of information.

Among Small groups with intimate ties such as family and close friends were most common, but 71 percent of users also reported belonging to groups larger than 100 people, where members may not know each other outside of We Chat.

For instance, the study finds a striking divergence between how much an issue was given attention on We Chat when it was not reported by English-language media.

To complicate matters, misinformation on We Chat travels in private networks, hidden from outside view or systematic analysis.

The platform is mostly free of algorithmic and computational manipulation.

If you Google “Haissam Massalkhy,” you’ll find a handful of unremarkable news stories about a fatal traffic collision where the Lebanese motorist struck a Chinese jogger in Walnut, California.

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On We Chat, however, it was a different story altogether.

Within Chinese-language narratives on the mobile messaging app, the jogger’s death rallied cries of injustice.