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The list below is a role-playing lexicon, a list of words and abbreviations that are used in or during role-playing, as well as when talking or writing about role-playing.

While it's mostly men who are guilty of this (blame action movies, video games, testosterone, whatever), some women are, too.Here's what should have happened: /me looks at the man and throws a punch at him.Not very detailed, sure, but it stopped before there was any powergaming. It's worth the extra bit of time needed to type out.

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Sniffing the air as if to judge the taste by its smell, he smiles. That's a little better than: /me walks into the cafe. " So, give your character a bit of depth to their actions.Role Play Tip # 04 - Profiles - - - - - As a roleplayer, your profile is the best way to sell yourself. Here's what you'll find: -From my Groups, you'll see that I like roleplay (descriptive, paragaph roleplay in particular), and have a few other assorted groups for business or personal reasons.

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