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02-Mar-2020 05:53

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Therefore, it becomes extremely important to always register a meaningful error handler while SAX parsing an XML document.If the application needs to be informed of the parsing events (and process it), it must implement the sax.If the DOM parser is W3C compliant, then, the DOM created is a W3C DOM, which can be traversed or modified using the org.w3APIs.Most of the DOM parsers also allow you to create an in-memory DOM structure from scratch, rather than just parsing an XML to a DOM.start Document is called only once before reporting any other event.

If an XML instance document has a DOCTYPE declaration, then to turn on validation against DTD, while parsing XML, you need to set the validating feature to true using the set Validating method on the appropriate factory.Because JAXP 1.0 supported only parsing, therefore, it was called Java API for XML Parsing.

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