Sedating dogs for airplane travel dating scams uk soccer team

05-Oct-2020 09:30

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Write down the names of anyone you speak to, and print out any emails from of the airlines that confirm your pet’s reservation.

Look up your airline’s requirements for the size and type of carrier that you are allowed to bring your pet in.

Before you leave for the airport giving your dog a long walk will help them relax and get ready for the long trip ahead. Also, make sure your dog has freshly trimmed nails, in case they get nervous during the flight.

Keep in mind, that if your dog travels in cargo, they will not be monitored in-flight, in the case of complications.

Many natural calming aids can be used as an alternative.

Whatever the circumstance surrounding this epic plane ride, the planning needs to start TODAY!

With superior planning, you and your pet can have an incredible flying experience.Research the airline’s policy on pet carrier size requirements, fees, health certificates, and boarding procedures before traveling.

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