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If you don’t carve out time from your day to focus on your most important work, you will probably get sucked into simply responding to the urgent requests of others.

If focus time really is a priority for you, you need to create the space for that activity to happen.

This same principle can apply for other things you want to create space for as well.

Maybe in addition to focus time it’s a priority for you to get to the gym every day.

Frequently, I’ll set aside 2-3 hours to work on a focused task (like writing this article) and find that because I’m mentally prepared to dive in and work on it I’ll actually finish it sooner than I anticipated.

This gives me some additional free time that I can use to either relax for a little bit and recharge before my next time block or get started early on my next task.

If that’s the case, feel free to put that time block on your calendar.

By doing this, you minimize the chance that something else will come up during that time period since you’ve already committed to being somewhere.

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These systems are both independent and interdependent, so it’s important that you know how they are connected.I personally use the practice of time-blocking to set plan out every hour of my entire week: You don’t have to plan out your entire week if you don’t want to, but I find it helpful to have a “Canvas” calendar where I know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing from a high-level perspective. ” This is the approach I take to managing my calendar.The principle here is that your calendar is much like your finances, and just like every dollar needs a job so does every hour of your day.A task manager and a calendar serve very specific (and very different) functions: show up on your calendar, not all of them will. While it is true that everything you need to get done must be done within the context of time, that doesn’t mean you should load up your calendar with tasks every day.

Your task manager is an invaluable tool for showing you what you need to be working on when.

Being able to eliminate the friction between your personal systems is important if you want to make meaningful progress on your goals.