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"You'll see right away if the dogs can interact and get along with each other," said Mc Carthy. at a very minimum, you have at least one thing in common." She says many Calgarians treat their dogs like family, or even four-legged, furry children."It's hard to date somebody that's allergic to dogs, or thinks it's really odd that your dog sleeps in the bed with you," she said.She also says most pet care services require you to drive out of the Beltline or core, which isn't an option for a lot of people who live or work downtown.And while many hotels are pet-friendly these days, Seidel says they do have rules about leaving the pets alone or in kennels, so this is a much more exciting option for Fido."There are people who have real concerns about health and safety around dogs, so some people have allergies and others are scared of pets, so you need to respect their use of that space as well," said Seidel, adding it's best if the establishment splits their patio space into dog-friendly and no dog zones.

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