Pentecostal dating beliefs

14-Oct-2020 03:41

Though such strictures may appear quaint in the contemporary world, great care has been taken to ensure that these same theologically inspired notions do not, like many other traditional mores, become lost in the relativism many Pentecostals believe rules the day.

Pentecostal women have a number of conflicting issues to navigate.

As such, when traditionalist women, such as noted televangelist Joyce Meyer, decides to become an evangelist and overshadows the ministerial work of her husband, it is Meyer that has to explain this break with tradition.

Meyer explains that her husband has blessed her work and allows her to do her ministry work despite the fact that it keeps her away from the traditional role within the household.

Taking much of their ethos about marriage, and the church's role in securing good marriages, Pentecostals regularly offer counseling, invite speakers, and hold conferences around the subject of marriage.

Not only is marriage viewed as the most desired outcome of any courtship between men and women, but children are an expectation of any union.

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Probably the most well-known woman in Pentecostal history is Aimee Semple Mc Pherson.

Sexuality and Pentecostalism, particularly homosexuality, has proved to be an intractable issue that has divided churches and families, and has been the underlying cause of some of the more pronounced splits in Pentecostalism.

As in many segments of society, in Pentecostal circles homosexuality is not discussed unless it needs to be.

Mc Pherson's personal issues with men (divorcing two of them because they would not support her ministry), and her purported affair with a Foursquare employee, made for messy tabloid fare, but significantly these "scandals" did not affect her pursuit of ministry.

This may be because Mc Pherson did not take her personal difficulties with her into the pulpit; she did not, for instance, make a case that divorce was acceptable, but instead she supported very popular causes such as being against evolution and speaking out against communism.

For this and other reasons Parham's influence waned in the Pentecostal movement.

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