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Pottery persisted in Fiji, whereas it disappeared completely in other areas of Melanesia and in Siassi.

In Western Polynesia, Lapita pottery is found from 800 BCE onwards in the Fiji-Samoa-Tonga area.

Some houses were built on stilts over larger lagoons.

In New Britain, settlements are found inland, as well, near the obsidian sources.

Excavation of a large cemetery at Teouma on Efate Island in Vanuatu, discovered in 2003, found 36 bodies in 25 graves, as well as burial jars.

All skeletons were headless with the skulls removed after original burial and replaced with rings made from cone shell. One burial of an elderly man had three skulls lined up on his chest.

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The Lapita culture was a prehistoric Pacific Ocean people who flourished in the Pacific Islands from about 1600 BCE to about 500 BCE.

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The excavation was carried out in 1952 by American archaeologists Edward W. ranging more than 4,000 km from coastal and island Melanesia to Fiji and Tonga with its most eastern limit so far in Samoa.

'Classic' Lapita pottery was produced between 1350 and 750 BCE in the Bismarck Archipelago.

In the west, villages were located on small offshore islands or the beaches of larger islands.

This may have been to avoid areas already settled in coastal New Guinea, or malaria-carrying mosquitoes for which Lapita people had no immune defence.One burial jar featured four birds looking into the jar.

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