Minecraft xbox 360 not updating

09-Oct-2020 17:45

Update Aquatic, the next big content drop for Minecraft, will be the last to arrive on older console platforms.

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I've deleted & re-downloaded the game Cleared cache Deleted & download profile Please give any advice you can Thank you Are you playing in survival or creative mode? I don't have any suggestions on how to fix it if you are playing in survival. They will also not unlock if you're playing in a world that has ever been saved while using either of those two modes - even if it isn't your world. Pick play Game (you should get an error about not being able to load your profile). Once in the game, put your USB back in the system.8. Will ask you if you want to save -- I picked yes, though I doubt this matters.9.***Realms requires paid subscription (sold separately). update was then released on the PS3 and PS Vita one week later on Christmas Day.The update will not arrive at all for those still playing the specific Xbox One and Nintendo Switch edition of the game - you'll have to switch over to the Bedrock version of Minecraft for these platforms instead.

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(The Switch version of the Bedrock edition still lacks a release date.) Microsoft said it was abandoning Minecraft's older console versions as they now comprised just a small version of the game's userbase.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.