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It is uniquely capable of compressing the scope of human experience into a narrative—and I think that's what can make it epic, or give it that epic feel.

Michael A Stackpole: Short question that requires a long answer.

The changes need to be that earth-shattering or epoch-breaking.

One is a video game designer by day (Erin Hoffman) and another works in the music industry (Peter Orullian).

Redick, Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Michael A.

Refer to the for more information about each author and for links to their web-pages.

Lastly, not everyone accepted my invitation to participate in this discussion.

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Whether it be size of the world, the length of the tale or the number of books—or combinations of these.Really, there are so many different kinds of fantasies that the elements necessary to make them complete vary widely.