Love dating sim 2 riddle

23-Nov-2020 02:25

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My next game is one dedicated to Newgrounds, it'll be dark, sad, and very sexy.

For now, my game is still innocent, romantic, and dedicated to girl gamers. I need to find a programmer flash partner who knows actionscript, so give me a pm! :) Can u find the easter eggs and the hidden naughty scenes? this game is copyright Kathleen Lieu and I love the sim date!

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the female and male sim need to be in love, then have them cuddle in a double bed and select "try for baby" if it works you will hear a chime. Then with 1 sim, click on the other and choose Propose... If their relationship is high enough the other sim will say yes. trust me i was dating a guy for 2 years and i still loved him but he didnt feel the same for me.

Then to get them married either buy a wedding arch from the catalogue, which is in miscallinious then party, then choose a sim, click on the arch and choose Get Married, or… & now i found a better boyfriend that ive been dating now for 2 and a half years.

Go to 'browse categories' in your blue bar to the left, and in the search box, type in 'jokes and riddles'.(SPOILERS) The answers to Garrick's riddles in order are "repeat after me", "cornerstone" and "down".

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