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22-Sep-2019 03:19

Damon Runyan also gives a surprisingly compelling role as Craig's troubled brother Ryan, giving his underutilized role some much needed emotion and depth.

The third act of the film also saves Rachel's character mildly, as this is the point where she finally notices Craig's possessive and controlling behavior, with her suspicions starting before she received an exposition dump from a detective who has investigated Craig in the past.

Besides the fact that you could likely be doing something more productive with your time, this SIS thinks there’s another downside to spending the day tuned to LMN.

Not to hate on the network (after all, its sister channel is now the home of “Project Runway”), but if you tune into it too long, you may become a victim of paranoia.

Unlike the previous iterations of the "Online" series, The Husband She Met Online is a play on a common Lifetime plot thread: the "Woman Falls In Love With A Psycho" thread.

In the right hands, even the most basic plot can be made into something interesting and compelling, but that ingenuity is sorely lacking from this movie.

Sure, crazies do exist, but I doubt they’re as plentiful as the Lifetime Movie Network would suggest.

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Show less Sadly, Lifetime's 2013 installment in their "Met Online" series is the series' first misstep.

Handsome, charismatic, and the wealthy businessman running his mother's real estate company, Rachel soon finds herself falling for Craig when they finally meet in person.....

But by this point, it's already clear that Craig isn't the perfect gentleman Rachel sees him as.

As played by Jason Gray-Stanford, Craig sorely lacks the depth, character development, or enjoyable psychosis present from Jake Byers and Georgia Meyers from the first two films in the "Met Online" saga.

We're supposed to believe Craig is charming and charismatic, when in actuality, his "romantic" acts of wooing Rachel come off as cold and calculated.Her single mother, Tori, has no idea that Cami has fallen in love with a boy named ' Jake' she met on a social networking website.