Hungary dating customs

20-Aug-2020 00:03

I almost feel the to run into traffic when cars are zooming by, even though I'd only have to wait a few seconds and walk a few more metres for a pedestrian crossing.

It's weird and I hope I shake this feeling soon before I get run over!

As such, I call friends and hang up immediately all the time.

In most countries though, they'll call me back and we have an awkward conversation, which I was attempting to avoid precisely by giving them a !

I definitely still take business cards with both hands though.

In the Philippines, and strangely enough also in Colombia and other countries, they almost never point with their index finger (thus immediately nullifying the very title of finger). So what do you do if you genuinely need to point to something? You need to pout them as if you are making a kissy-face and do so in the direction of the thing that requires the attention of the conversation. This is an odd one, but many countries in the world don't have the same kind of plumbing system as we do in Europe and North America.

Now, I'm in Germany which is as far as you can get from this idea as possible!

German pedestrians will patiently wait at a red man traffic light even when there are literally no cars within sight.

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We do this all the time in most countries if we want to give someone our number, by noting theirs and then calling them just for a second, and they'd see our number on their caller ID.

Some of these I have done only in passing and stopped almost immediately after leaving the country, but quite a few (as you'll see here) have stuck with me for life.

In today's post, I want to share a few of the strangest habits that I have picked up!

It struck me as incredibly odd, but the who is visiting you in Brazil, including if they are not staying over.

Brazil can be a hot country depending on the city and time of year, and Brazilians are among the most hygienic people I've ever come across, generally taking to have a shower as soon as they arrive at someone's house, to freshen up.It seems disgusting at first to have that within sight, but after a while you get used to it. every time I flush toilet paper down the toilet itself, even when in a country where this is perfectly acceptable as the plumbing system can handle it, because I feel like I'm clogging up the pipes!

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