Google reader not updating rss feed

15-Oct-2019 20:23

We’d prefer to keep our Gmail account clear of these forum thread emails, so we’re going to forward the filtered email to the posting address and then delete it. Now any email sent to your sub-address will be posted on your blog and consequently your blog’s RSS feed. You might have to follow a link on your blog and delete that post later, but you won’t have to bother opening up your email at all. Most forum software will have a link for you to subscribe to the thread. Are there other situations where you would want to read email in your RSS feed? You may wish to apply a label and archive it instead. If you’ve already registered, then look in your account options for a place to change your email address. The goal of this section is to forward the emails being sent to you from the forum software to the email posting address you defined above (tbekolay.secret [email protected] the screenshots above).There are many ways to automate this: In our example, we’re going to the sub-addressing method.

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Since you’re mainly using Blogger as a means of creating an RSS feed, the template you choose won’t matter much, but feel free to choose one that you like. There are a few settings that you should change, since this isn’t the type of blog that you will want to be getting a ton of hits. In the Basic section of the settings page, choose not to add your blog to Google’s listings, and hide it from search engines.

If your feed reader is able to handle feeds that require authentication, like most desktop readers or Netvibes, then you might want to lock down your blog so that only you can access it.

This is especially important if the forum thread you plan to subscribe to requires authentication through the forum software.

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication and it’s a way to have information delivered to you. If you’re visiting websites and blogs to see if there is anything new to read, you’re probably wasting a lot of time and not always finding anything new.

RSS allows you to subscribe to a blog or website and have any new published information sent to you so you don’t have to go looking for it.

We’ll use a sub-addressed address (user [email protected]). Now, whenever someone replies to your subscribed thread… You probably want to do this only for email that is already available to the public, like mailing lists… This is one of those tricks that we use all the time.

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