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07-Apr-2020 16:05

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Regardless of the accuracy of the perception, the passive-aggressive employee will tend to respond as if any authority figure in the workplace is the abusive adult from their childhood. The heavy reliance on electronic communication provides an ideal cover for passive-aggressive exchanges among coworkers.Electronic communication has completely altered the way business people interact—and the ways in which they transmit meaning.8 Traits that Make the Office a Perfect Place for Passive-Aggressive Behavior 1. Other than the home—where most people spend between six and 10 hours of their time, mostly sleeping—many adults spend more time at work than anyplace else.Whether situational or chronic, passive-aggressive behavior is likely to come out wherever a person spends a great deal of time. Relationships tend to form wherever a person spends a great deal of time.In this post, I’ll identify the most common red flags of passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace and suggest eight reasons why hidden anger is the perfect office crime.

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How does passive-aggressive behavior in your office impact your ability to accomplish tasks and achieve goals?What effect does passive aggression have on staff morale? I have dealt with a lady who was extremely passive aggressive towards me when I first started working at my current job.