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HIPAA defines the term “security or security measures” to “encompass all of the administrative, physical and technical safeguards in an information system.” The safeguards are to protect against intentional or unintentional use or disclosure that is in violation of the standards, implementation specifications, or other requirements included in the privacy regulations.

In this way, even though the security regulations are limited to e PHI, the privacy regulations call for security measures for protecting PHI, regardless of its form.

An incident response program that does not involve both security and privacy teams, for example, will lead to disastrous results should a breach occur.

The technical security specialist within the organization must identify the breach and notify privacy personnel, who are required to mitigate the breach, and in some states, notify each individual whose information may have been disclosed.

The lack of a coordinated approach undermines efforts to obtain the resources to monitor compliance, conduct periodical re-evaluations, and modify the security and privacy compliance program.

These efforts are often thwarted when the two teams fail to jointly set the compliance agenda.High level responsibilities include: The Director of Web Communications coordinates editorial standards, workflows, roles, processes, and requirements for DHS websites with input from DHS's web governance bodies.The director also serves as chair of the DHS Enterprise Web Council.But organizations that can integrate their security and privacy compliance efforts make the most of their resources and boost the effectiveness of their programs.

In some instances, this may mean a reorganization of security and privacy roles and reporting structures.

These services enable timely and accurate information to be published efficiently and consistently in support of the Department's mission.