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Disabling schema validation should be easy, as enabling it usually takes some effort. Does Validating() return true, do you get Schema validation errors, which Exception is thrown by the parser? On my server there is no internet connection, so it waist for timeout - like 10 seconds.

If I remove the dtd part from xml, the parsing is very fast.

If the parser has implemented [4] package and provides an abstraction layer between an application and a specific XML Parser implementation.

Using JAXP, applications can choose to use any JAXP compliant parser without changing any code, simply by changing a System property which specifies the SAX- and DOM factory class names.

In addition, parsers have characteristics such as whether they are validating or non-validating parsers and whether or not they are name-space aware.

An application which uses a specific XML Parser must code to that specific parser and become coupled to that specific implementation.

Bundles who wish to use an XML parser can then use the framework's service registry to locate available XML Parsers with the desired characteristics such as validating and namespace-aware.

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This method can be overridden to configure additional features in the returned XML Parser Factory object.

The content of the UTF-8 encoded file is a list of class names separated by new lines.