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The DDR GSD ultimately exhibited a distinctive look that became different from the traditional GSD.Just as Nazi Germany had strived to create a Super Race with their ideology, so had East Germany strived to accomplish this with their national dog. Of 17 million East Germans, 2.2 million fled westward between 19, most via the Berlin "escape hatch." By mid-1961, this exodus threatened the Communist state's very Snaking for almost a hundred miles around West Berlin, the Wall became the Cold War's most potent symbol.The government controlled the German Shepherd pedigree registration and breeding program because they saw the DDR German Shepherd as a military canine.Extremely rigid breeding guidelines were put into practice.The Soviet Union decided to close its borders and this eventually led to the division of Germany into East and West. S., UK, and French zone) would later form the Federal Republic of Germany, commonly known as West Germany.And the Soviet zone became the German Democratic Republic (or commonly known as East Germany, both founded in 1949.Unlike West Germany, dogs that had fast normal hips or worse could not be bred.

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At the edge of West Berlin stood a final "marker" barrier (the part tourists wrongly assumed to be "the Berlin Wall").West Germany was established as a federal democratic republic while East Germany became a Communist State under the influence of the Soviet Union.