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25-Oct-2020 13:13

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To date a sponsor can falsely report a sponsored expat as “huroob” (a runaway) or demand his or her deportation without the latter’s knowledge. Even her travel permit can be revoked without her knowledge.

And what can be done behind a Saudi woman’s back, without her knowledge? She could be well on her way to the airport to catch an international flight only to find at the passport desk that she doesn’t have “permission” to fly.

Only in the case of there being an adult son would the Saudi mother and her daughters have a united male guardian. For did you know that an expat can go to court without a sponsor for whatever reason while a Saudi woman cannot appear in court as either a litigant or a lawyer without a male guardian, mahram or other man who is legally authorized to represent her?

Just recently, a judge asked a Saudi female lawyer to leave the court because she was without a mahram.

Some inter-racial western raised friends have had difficulties. same race/age group (bored face, not talking to each other ) and don't do anything to draw attention to yourself it's generally ok, however you never know who is watching, even amongst "trusted" friends, colleagues or drivers, who may use it against you. It is against the law to date, the punishment can be harsh and you may very well lose your job and end of service benefits.

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What happens to an expat if he or she has finished serving a prison sentence? Now, the latest news is that the authorities are “studying” how to force families to take back their women kin after the latter have done time.

If a sponsor should die, what happens to the sponsored expat?

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Nevertheless the atmosphere- even within compound walls is very limiting. You will be feeling as if you are doing something ' out of the norm' in a guarded prison. Riyadh does have a large pool of expats though, many compounds and the embassies amongst other venues. However I met, dated and married my (western) husband in Riyadh and know over a dozen other couples who have also discreetly done so.

(The new updated travel permit is now computerized enabling a male guardian to use the Internet to log on and alter a Saudi woman’s travel status).

If a sponsor should abuse the sponsored expat, shortchange him or her, delay salaries or not pay any salary at all, can the expat report the sponsor, retrieve due rights or payments without jeopardizing his or her job and status in the kingdom? The only way out of such a dilemma would be to ultimately leave the country.

And if this Saudi woman happens to have daughters, the male guardian of her daughters would be their father’s brother, etc.

Yes a mother and her daughters would not even share the same male guardian. Indeed my dear expat, I know how it feels, perhaps even more than you do.

What of an expat’s residence permit, i.e., an Iqama?

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