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17-Mar-2020 11:18

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See More Female Prisoners ATTENTION: This Female Prisoner is NOT interested in contact from other Inmates.

This woman is ONLY interested in contact from upstanding members of society who are NOT in prison.

Pen pals are encouraged to keep it platonic or to inspire the inmate’s spiritual development, but of course this compassion sometimes is misconstrued for or truly leads to amorous love.

Children raised in an environment that lent itself to ambivalence, unpredictability, or resistance likely developed an insecure attachment.

The Female Inmates on this site seek correspondence from upstanding members of society.

Many of the women on this website are in search of positive friends, Period.This is also sometimes the case for people who have suffered from a trauma or have issues with broken trust or inconsistent relationships, therefore potentially leading people to truly feel more comfortable and confident in emotional intimacy with an inmate.There is enough of a barrier between the closeness and full vulnerability that allows it to be safe.Finally, people who crave constant stimulation or excitement may find it quite attractive to land the “bad boy.” This provides a continuous thrill and the ability to create one’s own story in many ways rather than having to truly settle into an honest emotional connection with someone.

I am in school to be a social worker with a degree in substance abuse since I am an LPN who is a recovering addict…I know about the psychology stuff cause I am also diagnosed with bipolar and had to have therapy sessions for trauma while in rehab for the abuse I went through. If I started from the beginning, most are amazed that I am still happy and upbeat.

One woman alleges the man dined with her at an upscale restaurant in Los Angeles before excusing himself for a phone call and leaving the restaurant, leaving her with a 0 tab.

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