Dating ladies who smok port alberni singles dating

26-Dec-2019 17:51

I just could not sit and watch her do this to herself.

She then finally decided to try to quit on Chantix and it lasted 2 months (boy were the side effects horrific!

3 packs a day for 20 years, with a chronic cough, deep voice...

If only just a friend, I would be concerned, let alone someone who is in love with her. A typical smoker will die ~15 years earlier than normal?

One common comment made to addicts is, "Why should I care about your health if you won't? My fiance was addicted to chewing tobacco when I met him and because we didn't start out dating, I didn't care (although still it repulsed me), but when we finally decided to date, I pretty much told him it would be an issue for me to date someone who smoked, did tobacco, etc.

Together we got him off the stuff by using the patch and he's been great ever since, he never went back and it's been about three years.

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The whole ordeal has left me depressed and devistated.

She was a chain smoker who smoked about 3 packs a day.

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