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It’s necessary, then, to be able to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings so that the other person can understand and has an opportunity to respond genuinely; self-esteem is a critical component to this exchange.“Confidence makes it easier to express ourselves, securely ask for what we want as well as clearly accept the other person without taking their issues personally,” she explains.“Just seeing a photo of someone you love or have affection for will stimulate the physical desire,” she says.The second component of true intimacy, termed “emotional intimacy,” means your emotional needs are being met, explains Spira.And if they can understand, empathize, and communicate in a way that makes us feel safe, then intimacy deepens,” she says.“Therefore, intimacy isn’t a destination that you arrive at but an ongoing journey and process.” You know how you’ll occasionally come down from the initial attraction phase (sometimes called the “sex haze’) in a new relationship only to find that you and your new partner have almost nothing to talk about?And, she says, what boundaries and intimacy look like in a new connection is very different from what it looks like after 20 years of marriage.

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“Intellectual intimacy taps into your brain and helps a couple be in sync in a non-physical way.” component of true intimacy; however, in today’s world, she says, it’s often a part of the picture. O’Reilly and Mc Ginnis agree.) She cautions, however, against relying on virtual interaction alone, e.g. “I believe an online-only relationship can be defined as having a ‘digital pen-pal’—your feelings can grow and turn into real love from communicating online,” she says. On the contrary: It felt like we were meeting for the first time…because, of course, we were. And if so, what’s *real* intimacy, and how can we discern one from the other in today’s confusing, digital-first world?

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