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18-Sep-2020 19:26

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After looking at a few profiles, Paul stumbled upon the profile of a really gorgeous girl named Amber.

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While this scenario is unfortunate, it happens to too many guys on a daily basis!

He inserted the code into the “interests” field in his profile.

The profile became an eye-catching social statement within moments.

Like most guys, after writing the message, Paul was reluctant to send it. He dictated Amber’s e-mail over the phone and I told him to start searching for a cool layout.

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He wasn’t sure how Amber was going to respond, if she responded at all. “She’s so hot,” he told me, “nobody could be a Grinch around this girl! As soon as we hung up, Paul used a search engine to look for Myspace layouts. He browsed through a few websites before selecting one that had over 300 free Myspace layouts.After he signed up for Myspace Paul began browsing through his personal photographs.