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05-Dec-2019 09:55

(Longer blog post here)5 – Attraction is transferrable.No woman in the world will agree with this unless you show it to her when it’s happening. Go to a bar and get a girl super-attracted and into you and then disappear for half an hour. This is one reason why it’s important to know how to deal with other men and obstacles – you don’t want them taking advantage of all of your hard work.If she enjoys your attention (e.g., if you’ve been interested in her in the past), she doesn’t have much reason to help transfer this attention to other women in a way that it would be successful.And so on…The difference between how the world “should” be and how it actually is doesn’t just apply to women and dating.

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That gets in the way of a clear understanding of how things really work.

And to become great with women, look at other guys like you who are great with women.

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