Dating a physically disabled person

27-Nov-2020 09:42

I’m more than a little flabbergasted at the latest figures from the charity Scope, released ahead of Valentine’s Day, which suggest that 67 percent of people in Britain “feel uncomfortable talking to disabled people.” Apparently, my generation, the maligned millennials feel twice as uncomfortable as other groups, with 21 percent saying that they had “actually avoided talking to a disabled person.” This has prompted Scope to launch a campaign called “End the awkward.” Well, I’ve been on a lot of first dates, and let me tell you about awkward.Hell, even accidentally making intense eye contact with a stranger on the train is awkward. Yes, it’s something you might not encounter every day, but as far as dating goes, it’s generally something to accept and get used to, like someone’s nervous laugh, their inability to grasp why you care so much about a certain television show, or their annoying habit of always being late (and yeah, he does the last one too, but then so do I, so who am I to judge? Maybe it’s because as a kid I was told not to stare at people with disabilities, the same as I was told not to stare at people. Yes, luckily for him, my boyfriend doesn’t need anyone to help him with doing stuff, and he doesn’t have to use a wheelchair (although he does use one sometimes), which might be harder to manage.But you know, I’m sure – if our relationship is meant to be ‒ we’ll figure it out, just like anything in any relationship.Do a bit less walking, a bit more taking the train or car. Disability is just not a dealbreaker for me in the same way someone being rude to me would be.

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I started screwing with him a little bit here in what I told him. Admittedly, before I met my boyfriend, I didn’t really know anyone who had real mobility problems and hadn’t given people with disabilities much thought, other than briefly thinking that living with a disability must be pretty hard work. My boyfriend may not have all his limbs or fingers, but he’s still a whole human being.But I still don’t give people with disabilities (as if they’re one big group…) much thought, even though I’m dating someone who qualifies. Consider everyone as individuals with interests, flaws, successes, insecurities and passions, just like everyone else. And whatever happens with us, relationship-wise or otherwise, that won’t change. If the Scope research makes people realize that a bit more, perhaps we can all (especially people my age, please!If someone says sell your shares at 50% of the cost to me. Most likely no (unless the girl was with me from earlier on and later got in to some disability).

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My psyche surely would have been different from now. For someone, man/woman, to take that trade, there has to be something on the table big enough to offset the negative weight of the disability e.g.

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