Country songs dating my daughter

27-Jan-2020 13:51

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Regardless of how many father-daughter dances this song is played at, it never fails to pull at everyone’s heartstrings.

Every father reminisces to when their child was small and they were were the hero in their lives.

So, fathers, while showing love by providing financially for a family is important, some dads might forget to tell their kids that they love them.

Work can take fathers away from their kids mentally, like in “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” but also physically.

In Conway Twitty’s song, his father would say tell him, “That’s my job / That’s what I do.

One of the people who I look up to most is my dad and if I can become half the man he is then I know that I will make it in this world.

In the second geographic heartbreak song of the list, based on the experiences of one of the band members, this father talks to his kids on the phone as he is on the road.

My heart breaks when the daughter in this song asks “Daddy when you coming home?

In this song George Strait recounts growing and having new “best day of my life” experiences with his dad over the years.

This song does an excellent job of showing how fathers can prepare their children for life through experiences. / So I’ve been watching you.” Atkins tells two stories, one of hearing his son swear and then hearing his son pray.This can make fatherhood especially tough because kids will pick up “everything you do,” both good and bad because sons want to be just like their dads when they are young. Few things can be scarier for a dad than seeing their kids, full naiveté, making the same mistakes and going through the same painful experiences they did.