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But Hoseok is full of Christmas cheer and he wants to show Yoongi just how special Christmas can be..snuggles under the christmas tree. But Hoseok on the other hand was very excited to show his little cat hybrid just what a proper jolly Christmas should be.“It’s gonna be the best Christmas you ever had”, he proudly declared to Yoongi.“ said that about Halloween too, you liar.” Yoongi accuses and pouts.“Hey, how was I supposed to know you were afraid of pumpkins?

My little pumpkin is afraid of pumkins.” he coos and pecks Yoongi on the nose as he moves around the kitchen preparing dinner.

Now lemme go back to bed you terrible terrible man. ” Hoseok cheers and points to their Christmas tree. (okay maybe the time Hoseok took him in counts as well but this takes second place for sure).“Can.I open one?

You’ve been wearing that damn hat all week, you absolute child.” Yoongi whines as Hoseok drags him downstairs.“Hush, everybody loves Santa. The Christmas tree they’d put up and spent hours decorating last week. Wrapped in shiny, colour gift wrapping with little red and gold bows on the top.“Merry Christmas Yoongi.” Hoseok says softly and Yoongi is slightly in awe because never in his life had he ever seen so many presents before. ” He asks, gently picking up a red covered box and turning it over in his hands.

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