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The matter-of-fact nakedness in shows such as Euphoria is the way forward.If we’re going to have flesh, then let’s have the lot Blockbuster Sunday night dramas have a habit of making headlines with male nudity.Rory Featherwind, Is a young man who through some rather unusual and very unfortunate circumstances is now endowed with an incredibly powerful demonic Left arm.In the arm three and a half demons are now sealed giving Rory incredible strength and some peculiar new friends.Detectives with the Baton Rouge Police Department have concluded that the man who was shot to death and found decomposing inside his Scotlandville home earlier this month died at the hands of his girlfriend's teenage son.

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Hopefully, I’ll get around to finishing the rest of this post tomorrow.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul acknowledged Wednesday that the public reaction to his apology for the 2016 fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling has been split along racial lines, and he questioned what that means for the Baton Rouge community.

In a lengthy murder trial that will likely touch on an arsenal of guns, stacks of cash and an attempted flight to the border, prosecutors in Livingston Parish started Wednesday with the basics: how Walker resident Rick Mc Bride died.

The Church wants Rory because he is the key to learning how to successfully fuse a demon and a human.

What they need this power for is still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less relentless in their search for the Demon Fist!Little does he know how much his fate is intertwined with that of the rest of the world Last Published Comic: 112 Months 3 Weeks ago Description: What happens when you throw in a drunken womanizer, a serious samurai, a shy little girl, a goat-legged archer, and a passive-aggressive ninja into one demon-slaying group? Name: - By: Chris Hazelton Last Published Comic: 113 Months 1 Day ago Description: Girls, Cars, and 1/2 baked angels. After several months of sailing, Miyuki, Skye, Toumeya, and Ethan arrive at the site where Miyuki's parents must be rescued in the mysterious Magi-Crystal Caves.

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